Wairarapa Cricket are inviting Expressions of Interest from anyone in our community keen to be involved as either a Growth and Development Coach (Year 7&8 – Boys and Girls) or a Pathway Coach (Year 9/10 and above – Boys and Girls) for the 2023/24 season, which will commence October 2023.
For full information please refer to the attached photos.
Each applicant is required to have a Coach Philosophy or Season Approach statement, aligned to their personal experiences, as well as insights around Balance is Better, Talent ID and Skill Acquisition.
It is highly recommended that all applicants familiarise themselves with the following:
Insights into Junior Rep Teams (Coaching Guru Wayne Goldsmith)
Game Play Design Principles – QUT Associate Professor Ian Renshaw (Skill Acquisition Expert)
To complete the relevant Expression of Interest please follow either of these two links:
Growth & Development Coach
All applicant coaches will be invited to attend a Skill Acquisition workshop in July 2023 led by NZ Cricket Strengthen and Adapt Junior and Youth Lead Simon Roseingrave (also coincidentally Wairarapa Cricket GM) with date and time TBC (this will also be advertised to all Community Coaches who may be interested).
Any additional queries can be forwarded to either of Wairarapa Cricket GM, Simon Roseingrave ops [at] wairarapacricket [dot] co [dot] nz or Wairarapa Cricket Female Cricket Manager, Melissa Hansen fdo [at] wairarapacricket [dot] co [dot] nz