Balance is Better Philosophy

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Sport NZ has developed the Balance is Better philosophy to inform and provide a framework that puts the needs of the participant first. Balance is Better has now become a broader conversation underpinning Sport NZ’s overall approach to youth sport that focusses on maximising participation and skill development.

The Balance is Better Website can be found here

New Zealand Cricket, Central Districts Cricket and Wairarapa Cricket are taking steps to align with this. The Wairarapa Cricket approach, rather than removing opportunities, is to attempt to create more, but with less emphasis on talent ID’ing of players who are going through fundamental growth and coordination stages.
Via the introduction of an emphasis on enjoyment, being challenged, developing and improving, being part of a team or group, and enjoying time with friends, the end goal is a quality experience for all participants.

WCA key priorities and outcomes within the strategic plan are: 

  • Inspiring enjoyment 
  • Fostering development and creating opportunities 
  • Establishing and promoting development opportunities 
  • Breaking down barriers for a wider range of players to participate
  • Engendering a life-long love of participation in sport and physical activity