Community Programmes

On this page you will find information relating to all community and school delivery programmes & festival days offered by WCA Operations staff at a variety of levels.

Some of these programmes are NZ Cricket initiatives which are delivered nationwide by Association staff (Yeah! Girls) and others are WCA created (Back Yard Cricket & Girls Cricket Hubs) which have been designed to cater for the specific needs of our community.

Delivery Programmes & Festival Days

Back Yard Cricket

A Wairarapa designed skill delivery programme for Year 9 & 10 secondary school students, run by the WCA development team. The delivery involves basic transferable fundamental skill coaching (catching and throwing), combined with more specific cricket elements (bowling and batting) over 3 lessons per PE class. The 3rd lesson is a game of Back Yard Cricket (all equipment provided by the WCA) which incorporate all class participants and all skill development.

Girls Cricket Hubs – Schools

The Centres of Influence, or Hubs, will be run in after-school settings, with each School or Hub being offered a programme of up to 6 weeks duration for each term (both 4 and 1 depending on take and sustainability). 

Each Hub setting will utilise a Teacher in Charge model as a point of organisation and contact. This TIC will be provided with support around coach assistance and development, including organisational awareness and systems as appropriate. 

The Wairarapa Cricket Female Staff will lead the delivery in the coach & volunteer aspect, whilst also ensuring participant involvement is enjoyable and appropriate (under the physical literacy framework). This will include a consistent coach and athlete-led approach with the athletes at the forefront of development and seeking engagement from them in terms of what they would like to practice/work on. 

Yeah! Girls

This is a national dedicated girls only cricket programme that we can run at schools during school time lunchtime or after school. More information about this programme can be found at Yeah! Girls

Kia Hakinakina

Kia Hakinakina, developing pathways for young people through Fundamental Movement Skills & Play, has a project purpose of engendering a life-long love of physical activity for all, fully aligned to the Wairarapa RSO Forum Vision of:

‘All people in the Wairarapa Region enjoy (and have access to), quality sporting experiences’. 

Through this shared regional vision, the Kia Hakinakina programme correlates significantly with Sport NZs purpose of inspiring play and vision of Every Body Active. The collaborative nature of the project, a partnership of regional sports organisations and a primary school cluster, will help to create the physical activity outcome of connected communities and  provide a platform of effectively  working with others.

Wairarapa Cricket are the project lead for Kia Hakinakina with activation occurring within a range of school (Masterton and South Wairarapa) and Community (Holiday Programmes, Festival Days) settings.

CWC Festival Day 

November 2021 (date tbc) out at Rathkeale College. Two mixed grades (minimum 3 girls per team), Yr 5&6 and Yr 7&8. Max 8 teams per grade, first in first served. To enter your school team or for more information please email fdo [at] wairarapacricket [dot] co [dot] nz

Primary Girls Festival Day

This is an intro into cricket day for schools who mayn’t already be involved in Thursday Midweek Cricket. This is a 8 aside very basic cricket festival day which is usually held in March.

March 2022 (date tbc)