A huge thank you to all of to all of those involved in the Easter Egg Raffle!  As it was put together at such short notice it meant that a number of club/school co-ordinators had to act quickly to collect Easter Eggs, distribute raffle books and then collect money.  We are most grateful for the efforts of these co-ordinators.  The support was fantastic from both the co-coordinators and supporters.  With all the eggs received 9 prizes full of yummy goodies were packaged.   As this raffle was organised at such short notice the $467 profit raised exceeded expectations.  For those that don’t know the money raised will go towards the running of NZ Active Post coaching sessions in clubs next season.  This would give each club the opportunity to have 5 weeks of funded specialised coaching for those children aged between 5-10 years in their clubs. We will also look into what we can offer the girls so that they too benefit from their efforts in the Easter Egg Raffle.

The draw was done under the watchful eye of local policeman Mark Brown and the following people were the lucky winners:

Selina Lang, Eva Sherwood, Dean Goodin, Geoff Lewis, Martinborough Cricket Club (3), Sarah (who lives in Carterton), Olivia Clark

All winners received their prizes on Saturday in time for Easter.

Salina Lang

Eva Sherwood

Emma Lewis


Dean Goodin






Thanks again for the fantastic support, it was very much appreciated.