Welcome to the (according to some…Greatest) 2022 FIFA World Cup Sweepstake. After a number of years on hiatus this needed to return.

What better place to bring it back than Fifa 2022 in Qatar, the land of rainbows and workers rights. Whilst David Beckham earns $300 million for his ambassadorial duties, here is a chance for someone we know to pocket 60% of the money pool for predicting (blind-guessing) better than anyone else. And the 2nd best guesser will get 30%, third will get 10%, the rest deserve to get nothing.

We are all ready to go. 33 keenWhat  participants at the start-line, chasing glory in the form of:

$ 200 First Prize; $ 90 Second Prize, $ 40 Third Prize

As well as bragging rights over friends, family, work-mates and to be honest, complete strangers.




You can make your score predictions daily on an individualised spreadsheet which would have been sent your way. Scores can be entered up until 9pm  of the day of / before the fixtures kick-off at which stage the main sheet will be locked and no further editing will be allowed.

Entering a predicted score will result in either a winner and loser or a draw. Only scores up to the playing of extra time (play-offs) are counted, not penalty shoot-outs.

If you get the result of the game correct, you score 10 points. If you get either of your score predictions correct, you get 5 points for each team.

So if Qatar and Ecuador draw 1-1 and you predict a 1-1 draw you get 20 points. If you predict 2-2 you only get 10 (for the correct result), if you predicted 3-2, you get zero and join the ranks of those who know nothing.

But wait, there’s always more.

You need to select two BONUS teams. These teams will score you points each time they score a goal. Points per goal have been allocated according to the TAB odds. You will pick one team from Tier A (those highly fancied teams) and one from Tier B (the rubbish ones). However, once these teams are knocked out, you can’t replace them so choose wisely.

These need to be selected by 12.00pm Saturday 19 November.