The Wairarapa Cricket Association from New Zealand has assisted in the development of programmes run by the Samoan International Cricket Association (known as SICA) by donating much needed cricket equipment to be utilized for the Samoa Victims Support Organistaion.


Sarah Gwynn has been volunteering her time for one year for Samoa International Cricket Association (SICA). Through volunteering at SICA, she helped with cricket clinics at Samoa Victims Support, an organization that provides support and care for victims of domestic abuse and sexual crimes in Samoa. Children from their home, House of Hope, participated in fun-filled cricket clinics called “Bring Back the Smiles”.

Miss Gwynn said “I loved how enthusiastic and joyful the children were about cricket. I was amazed at how quickly they learnt the basic skills of cricket. I wanted to do something special to ensure that these children could keep playing cricket even when SICA is not available for fun cricket.”


The package that was handed over included an equipment bag, bats, gloves, batting and wicket-keeping pads and balls.


Mr Curtis who worked with SICA on behalf of New Zealand Cricket and the ICC last May and June was only happy to oblige with equipment from the region.

“As it happened we had an excess of gear which has gone unused for many years and we were happy to pass some of this on to help the people of Samoa. I created a strong bond with many people while I was there and one thing that they taught me was about how happy they were to give. On behalf of our association we are pleased to pass this equipment on in that same spirit,” Said Curtis

The donation of the cricket gear was passed on to the Samoan Victim Support organisation last Saturday who were excited at the chance to play cricket and have some fun games. The organisation was very grateful to Wairarapa Cricket for supporting them.



Sammy Curtis, Wairarapa Cricket Development Officer, hands over much-needed cricket gear on behalf of the Wairarapa Cricket Association based in Masterton New Zealand, to Sarah Gwynn, a volunteer working in Samoa, to deliver to Samoa Victims Support.