Rule changes to Incrediball grade:


Due to the amount of throwing in the incrediball grade this rule will now be in place for all incrediball matches.


  1. If a bowler throws the ball the umpire must firstly give them a warning in order to correct the action. (If there is a wicket on the delivery it will not be counted, runs etc however will be scored to the batting team)
  2. If the bowler then throws another delivery one of two things can happen:

A) The bowler can be removed from the bowling crease (if another bowler finishes their over then it is counted as a full over to both bowlers)

B) The bowler can move up the wicket (roughly two thirds away from the batsman) and underarm the delivery. The same rules apply re no balls for number of bounces and height of delivery passing the batsman for the under arm delivery

There has also been confusion over the amount of runs scored for wides and no balls. In the incrediball grade wides and no balls are worth 2 runs.

These rules must now be adhered to and coaches/umpires need to enforce them.

There are no excuses for coaches and teams to not abide by these rules as all clubs have responded to the association noting the rule change


Many thanks


Wairarapa Junior Cricket Board