Injury Prevention

Athlete Preparation / Injury Prevention

Preventing injuries

Preventing injuries is a key part of player safety and encouraging enjoyment of the sport.

The following are some tips for preventing injuries during practices and games:
• Plan a proper warm up before all practices as well as games.
• Check all players have water to keep hydrated during the session or game.
• Ensure everyone has the protective equipment they need (eg mouth guards, shin pads).
• Check for players with previous injuries.
• Make sure any fitness drills and skills training are appropriate for the players’ age and stage so they’re not being asked to do things that could cause an injury.
• Make sure players cool down and stretch afterwards to avoid cramp and muscle injuries.

Consider what needs to be in place if a player gets injured:
• Have a first aid kit on hand and check it’s fully stocked.
• Have the contact details for players’ parents.
• Check if any parents have first aid certificates and are available to attend practices and/ or games.
• Make sure you have this injury treatment and referral guide on hand.



What to do if a player gets injured
• Check the player can safely be removed from the game. If you are concerned they have a major injury, call for medical assistance or an ambulance.
• Move them to sideline and do a quick assessment of the injury.
• Follow the injury treatment and referral guideline in your first aid kit for information on:
o immediate treatment – what to do straight away
o where to refer the person to – for further advice or treatment.
• Details from the outline are in the PDF.

Information for players

Preventing injuries
Playing sport is about spending time on the [field/court], not on the sideline. Injuries are common in sport but there are things you can do to avoid getting injured.

• Warm up thoroughly before games and practices.
• Drink before, during and after sport. Pack an extra drink bottle if you’re playing when it’s hot.
• Wear a mouthguard, shin pads and other protective gear – your body will thank you for it!
• Watch out for others – when you’re on the [field/court].
• Cool down and stretch after practices and games to avoid cramp and muscle injuries.
• Exercise in between games to keep your fitness levels up.