JCB Club Honours

The below Honours Boards celebrate achievement at the JCB Club level. Scores of 50 or more, and 5 wicket hauls or better can be submitted for entry on the Honours Board.

JCB Club Honours Board – 50s

 S Jonas 50 Red Star Aces Greytown Gray 18/3/2017
 A Taylor53  Red Star Aces Greytown Gray 18/3/2017
 W Cole 52 Greytown BlueRed Star Aces 4/3/2017
 A Taylor 57 Red Star AcesRed Star Wizards 4/2/2017
 J Jonas52*  Red Star Aces Carterton 10/12/2016
 S Jefferies51  Red Star Wizards Greytown Blue 10/12/2016
 W Matthews50  Greytown Blue Red Star Wizards 10/12/2016
 S Payne52*  Red Star Royals Martinborough Wanderers 5/11/2016


JCB & Schools Honours Board – Bowling

 J Church6/6  Carterton Lansdowne 4/2/2017
 T Kaiwai5/12  Greytown Gray Red Star Royals 10/12/2016