A quality two day senior competition that has the following features

  • All rep players are available – no two day competition matches when reps are playing
  • 6 or maybe 8 Saturdays set aside for two day matches
  • A minimum of 115 overs per day – play begins at 10.30
  • Lunch and afternoon tea provided by each team (one per day) at appropriate times
  • Appropriate conviviality at conclusion of each day
  • One match always drawn on QE Park – respect the Oval – sight screens and all the trimmings
  • Competition points designed to reflect test cricket. Emphasis on achieving outright results.

Who wants it??   Let’s find out.

On top of this.  We incorporate an “Emerging Players” programme to accommodate those who want to play on Sundays and other days.

  • As many matches played at home as possible
  • Pre-season matches for the reps
  • Matches for the “B” team held on Sundays of rep matches
  • “Festival” matches held over Xmas break – maybe 5 or 6 of them.

All in all – we provide a budget programme that meets the needs of all cricketers – including both complementary groups. i.e. those who only want to play club cricket on Saturdays and those who want to play as much as possible to further their cricket and develop their representative career.

Let’s be realistic. If you are in Wellington or Manawatu then what do you have to look forward to. Last year there was one day of 20-20 senior club cricket played in Palmerston North before Christmas. In Wellington they don’t even start until Labour Weekend – and then there is biting cold wind, sub standard wickets and lack of umpires to contend with.

We need to stop grizzling about what we have here in the Wonderful Wairarapa – the grass is pretty green here when you look elsewhere.

If I was an aspiring first class cricketer in Wellington, a wee “peep over the hill” might worth looking at.

  • Quality rep standard cricket throughout the season – Hawke Cup, emerging players, good club competition
  • Good wickets – more sunshine than most areas
  • The best umpires in the country.
  • The opportunity for a Hawke Cup challenge

Maybe we need to try something new (or is that old??). We just might find that all those thoughts of “heading off to Wellington or Manawatu” might be all the wrong way around. We have attracted cricketers into our province in the past. Let’s see if we can’t re-visit the past.

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