Captains Duties

Duties of Cricket Captains

1.Responsible for ensuring that players in his team play according to the “ Spirit of the Game”

This includes respecting the traditions of the game and by definition includes the dress code expected by the Association.

2.Nominate his players in writing to the umpires and opposing captain before the toss (between 30 min and 15 min of scheduled start). At least one umpire is required to supervise the toss

3. Notify the opposing captain of his decision to bat or bowl on winning the toss.

4. Discus with umpires and together with opposing captain agree on the following:

i) hours of play

ii) balls to be used

iii) timing and duration of intervals

iv) boundary markings

v) any special conditions of play.

5.Notify UMPIRES and opposing CAPTAIN of enforcing a follow –on.

6. Remove a bowler from the attack when directed to do so by the umpires.

7. Take action as appropriate when asked by the umpires to deal with any form of inappropriate behaviour of his players which may be deemed as “ bringing the game into disrepute”


Rights of Captains: 

1. Have the right to inspect pitch prior to nomination of their players.

2. May allow or disallow a request to change the nominated players of the opposing Captain after the nomination.

3. Either Captain may demand a new ball at the start of a new innings.

4. Fielding Captain may demand new ball after prescribed number of overs have been bowled in game of more than 1 day duration (80 overs)

5. Be advised of a change of ball.

6. Batting Captain may request rolling of the pitch, for no more than 7 minutes, at a change of innings and between 30 to 10 minutes prior to the start of day’s play, other than first day. Can have choice of roller if more than one available.

7. May declare his team’s innings closed at any time the ball is dead, or may forfeit either of his team’s innings at any time, but must notify this decision to both the umpires and opposing Captain.

8. Both Captains, as soon as practicable, must be notified of the reasons for issue of any warnings and/or penalties especially in case of unfair play.

10. Captains are entitled to be notified of correctness of scores, or alteration to result, or action to be taken as a result of mistakes in scoring.

11. Captains must agree to a replacement umpire standing at the non-strikers end.

With the umpires, captains may: 

1. After the start of a match, agree to change a pitch considered by the umpires as dangerous for play.

2. Both Captains and umpires may agree to alter times for lunch and/or tea in order to minimise loss of playing time.

3. Captains may, together with umpires, alter times for drinks intervals.

4. Captains are entitled, with the relevant umpire’s permission, to withdraw an appeal against a batsman, provided the batsman has not left the field of play.


NB.If the Captain is absent at any time another player from the nominated XI must deputise for him.



Johann Fourie

CD Umpires Regional Training Officer