Limitation of overs for pace bowlers

Note: This restriction does not apply to spin bowlers or to one day matches.

Summary & Explanation

  • U18 – 6 overs per spell, 16 overs per day
  • U19 – 6 overs per spell,  20 overs per day.
  • 19 + – no restrictions Also
  1. A pace bowler (defined as bowlers where the wicket-keeper would normally stand back), are subject to a limitation of overs allowed to be bowled per day.  This rule is made in the interests of player safety and follows extensive research findings.
  2. Coaches are asked to apply the rule strictly and not try to avoid it by bringing up the wicket-keeper artificially.  Player safety must be placed as a higher priority than match results.
  3. In the event of any disputes at a tournament, the matter should be referred to a member of the NZC Age-group selection panel whose rulings shall be final.  (If in our Tweedy cup competition refer it to the local Board)
  4. The operative date of players shall be as at the 1st September prior to the start of a respective season.
  5. At the completion of a bowler’s spell, the bowler may not bowl again until the equivalent number of overs as the length of that spell are bowled from the same end.
  6. In the event that weather conditions cause a continuous suspension of play, upon resumption of play a bowler may commence a new spell provided the break from his previous spell is of at least one-hour duration.
  7. A bowler’s spell shall be deemed to be completed at the end of a day’s play and a new spell may be commenced immediately the next day.
  8. In the instance where a team is asked to Follow-on their innings, the bowler’s normal break between innings shall apply.
  9. If any bowler inadvertently exceeds the number of overs permitted, any extra balls bowled will be deemed legal deliveries and whatever eventuates, if anything, as a result of these deliveries will stand.  Upon notification of this irregularity, the offending bowler will be immediately replaced and the over completed by another bowler.
  10. Any part over completed will count as a full over for each bowler’s limit.