Rules & Playing Conditions (applying to all grades)




All matches played under the auspices of Wairarapa Cricket shall be played in accordance “With the Laws of Cricket”, as adopted from time to time by the Marylebone Cricket Club, or as superseded by the New Zealand Cricket’s first class playing conditions or local Playing Conditions as set by the Management Board.


In Laws 2.6 and 42 where penalty runs can be awarded, any such penalty runs can only be applied by an official umpire.


Any protest made to Wairarapa Cricket by a Club or player must be made in writing together with a $100 fee within 48 hours from when the protest is based.  Such fee may be refunded at the discretion of the Management Board.


No player, team, or club shall take part in any matches beyond the control of Wairarapa Cricket if, in the opinion of the Management Board, such action is prejudicial to Wairarapa Cricket.


All players shall be registered with Wairarapa Cricket.

Player Grading

Open grade cricket shall apply in all matches as regards the classification and grading of players.

Match Restriction

No player shall play in more than one championship match on the same day.  A player shall be permitted to play in more than one T20 match on the same day, provided it is for the same team.

Should any club enter two or more teams in any one grade, no transfer of a player from one team to another of the said teams shall be allowed during the course of the season, unless with the consent of the Management Board.

Finals – Player Eligibility

In Premier finals and semi-finals any participating player must have played a minimum of three games in that season for that team in order to be able to play.

In Second Grade and Third Grade finals, any participating player must have played a minimum of three games in that season for that club in order to be able to play.

Wairarapa Cricket has the discretion to allow a team to play “non-qualified” players in the event of a team being unable to field a full team of 11 players.

NB:  The intention of this rule is not to prevent a team fielding 11 players in a semi-final or final, but is aimed at preventing ring-ins of quality players.

Unfinancial Players

Any member of an affiliated Club who has outstanding debts to that Club may be debarred from playing, provided however, that the name of such member shall first have been furnished to Wairarapa Cricket by the Club concerned.

Any player in default with his subscriptions or has outstanding debts to a Club of any Association affiliated with NZ Cricket may be debarred by the Management Board from taking part in any matches under the control of Wairarapa Cricket.  The Management Board shall have power to enter into reciprocal arrangements with any body to debar defaulters.


No player shall take part in any competition match unless he has been resident fourteen (14) clear days in the Wairarapa District prior to that match unless written approval is given by the Management Committee except in the case of a player transferred to the district in continuous employment.

Any player residing outside the Wairarapa District shall be permitted to play in a local competition only on written approval by the Management Board, except in the case of a player transferred to the district in continuous employment.

Any player playing club cricket in a district association or major association other than Wairarapa Cricket  shall not be permitted to play in club matches under control of  Wairarapa Cricket. This does not include students or teachers returning from an educational institution.

No player shall be allowed to play in championship matches for more than one club during a season provided that:

(1) A player finally leaving a secondary school may play for another  club with the permission of the Management Board.
(2) A student attending or a teacher of any educational institution may (with the consent of the Management Board) play for another club during the vacation period.
(3) A player who is a member of a team which has withdrawn from the competitions may be granted a transfer to another club.
(4) Any player to whom the Management Board in its discretion shall grant permission may play for or transfer to another Club.
(5) School students, teachers, university and tertiary student playing  for clubs during their holiday periods must be registered by the Club concerned.

NB: It is the club’s responsibility to ensure any player’s eligibility prior to the start of a match


Transfer forms are to be filled in and approved by the Management Board for all players transferring to a new club, regardless of the length of time that the player last played for the previous club.


The penalty for any team playing a player who does not meet the eligibility requirements shall be the loss by default of games the player concerned has taken part.


These will be placed on the Wairarapa Cricket website by 10.30am and if possible announced on the local Radio Stations, no later than 10:30am on the day of the scheduled start of the match. Otherwise matches will proceed as scheduled.


Any team obliged to default in any competition match is required to notify the Administration Officer by noon on the Thursday preceding the match otherwise it shall pay double ground fees. Any club defaulting a team must default their lowest graded team.


If there is a delay to the start of a day’s play, the team not at fault reserves the right to make up time. If the delay is longer than 15 minutes, on written report from the umpires or the club secretary, the Management Board may award the match to the non- offending team.


The HOME TEAM, as listed first in the draw listed on the Weekly Draw on the Wairarapa Cricket Website is responsible for the covering of the pitch. Failure to do so may result in loss of points and/or monetary fine.


Wairarapa Cricket is providing four iPads for scoring Senior games through Cric HQ. The umpires will bring these to games. The Home Team will be responsible for its use throughout the match. At the end of the day these are to be returned to the umpire(s).

Please treat these with care. These are being provided so that Wairarapa Cricket can provide up-to-date scoring and statistics for local games.


If Cric HQ scoring is not available, it is the responsibility of the HOME TEAM to lodge the results on Cric HQ no later than 12 noon the day following a day’s play. Login details are available from the Administration Officer.



Players shall wear proper cricket attire as determined by the Management Board.


In respect of ground, weather, and light where no official umpires are standing, the decision to start or recommence or stop play is to be agreed between the two captains. If no consensus is reached, the status quo stands.

NB: Captains are required to show commonsense. The guidelines for ground and weather shall be – if the rain is persistent and steady play shall cease or not commence. If bowlers cannot use their full run up without slipping and fielders do not have free power of movement play shall cease or not commence.  


Umpires will be appointed by the Wairarapa Cricket Umpires’ Association.