Second Grade Rules


1.00 pm to 6:00 pm.

Each team shall bat for a maximum of  40 overs unless all out earlier.

In the event of a team batting failing to bowl 40 overs before 3:30 pm , or in the event of a late start two and a half ( 2½) hours after the starting time, the over in progress at the time shall be completed and the team batting second restricted to the same number of overs as the team that batted first.


No bowler shall bowl more than 8 overs.


2-piece Kookaburra Special Test, Tuff-Pitch, Red King 5.5oz


A batsman is obliged to RETIRE- NOT OUT at the end of the over in which he/she attains a total of one hundred (100) runs. The batsman may return to the crease at the fall of the penultimate wicket.


(a)  A delivery that passes outside the lines on the batting crease shall be deemed a wide.

(b) The extra lines are approx 25 mm thick and the inner edge is 87cm from the centre stump.


As per the rules of cricket, plus any ball that passes above shoulder height of the striker – standing upright shall be a No Ball.  If it is on the full then it is anything above waist height.

REDUCTION OF OVERS– Rain affected games

As for Umpires’ Cup with the following changes-

(i)  a result is obtained if at least 16 (sixteen) overs have been bowled.

(ii)  the result is calculated by comparing run rates at the last of the completed overs as shown in the scorebook(s).


Team A bats first and scores 160 for 9 in 40 overs – a run rate of 4

Team B is 126 for 2 wkts at the end of 30 overs – a run rate of 4.2

Team B wins


As for Umpires’  Cup


Win = 4 points

Tie = 2 points

No Result = 2 points

Loss = 0 points


Seven teams this season.  First part of the season (Wairarapa Times-Age Cup) will see each team play each other once, team with the most points after this will be declared the winner of the Times-Age Cup.

Teams will then be split into 2 pools, Top 4 (Pool A), Bottom 3 (Pool B), each team in these two pools will play each other once with a Finals day (26th March), Pool A (Top 4) will play for the Chairman’s Cup.

On the finals day ALL teams will play, Pool A (Top 4), team placed 1st will play team placed 2nd, team placed 3rd will play team placed 4th and so on.  Pool B (Bottom 3) will see team placed 1st play team placed 2nd with team in 3rd place having a bye. The draw for this portion of the competition will be publish on the completion of the Times-Age Cup round (26th February 2017).

All Second Grade cricket to be played on the Sunday 26th February, 12pm start, 25th February is NZ vs. SA at the Cake tin.