Senior Championship Rules (Bidwill Cup)


Two rounds of matches

The top two teams to meet in a 2-day final played in March under extended hours as per NZ Cricket Playing Conditions.

In the event of two or more teams finishing the round robin on the same number of points, the following criteria shall be used to determine the finishing order:

(i)  The team with the highest number of outright wins

(ii)  The best net run rate

(iii)  The team that earned the most points in the game(s) between the two teams

(iv) the toss of a coin



In a round robin match, hours of play shall be 12pm to 7pm. If the 100 overs are completed prior to 7pm, play shall cease at that time. If 100 overs are not completed by 7pm play shall continue until 100 overs have been completed. Note: Over Rate penalties shall apply if an over rate of 16 overs per hour is NOT maintained.



The maximum overs for the side batting first is 55 overs, however they can declare anytime and give the opposition their remaining overs left in the day (100 less the number of overs batted by the team batting 1st)

If the side batting first is bowled out the side batting second gets the overs remaining (100 less the number of overs batted by the team batting 1st).


Scenario 1:

Side A bats 1st and scores 250 all out in 47 overs

Side B therefore has 53 overs to score 251 to win


Scenario 2:

Side A bats 1st and 250/5 decl after 55 overs

Side B therefore has 45 overs to score 251 to win


If the team batting second does not reach the score set in the first innings BUT is not all out the match is a win/loss DRAW.



12.00pm to 2.10pm (Lunch)

2.30pm to 4.40pm (tea)

5.00pm to 7.00pm



In the event of an innings finishing within 30 minutes of the end of a session, the break shall be taken immediately. If a teams is eight wickets down at the end session play shall continue for a maximum of 30 minutes.


In the event of time being lost, the umpires shall recalculate the number of overs left in the day’s play up till 7pm at 3.75 minutes per over.



In the event that the second innings does NOT commence due to ground weather or light, the match shall be declared abandoned.


Teams are required to maintain a minimum over rate of sixteen (16) overs per hour. Failure to do so shall result in loss of points on report from official umpires. Less than 16 overs per hour but more than 15= 1 pt, Less than 15 overs per hour but more than 14 = 2 pts. Less than 14 overs per hour = 3 pts. This to be calculated over each innings.  Due consideration shall be given to loss of wickets or other factors such as location, condition of ground and any other reasonable factors as determined by the umpires.

The start and finish times of each innings should be clearly identified in score books

The Management Board has the authority to change the hours of play. Matches may commence earlier with approval from the Management Board. This notification must be received in writing by the Management Board no later than five (5) days prior to the start of the match.



For the Final play will be as follows: 10.30am to 6.30pm with a minimum 112 overs in a day, as per the Furlong Cup Playing Conditions.

There shall be NO toss of a coin for the final, top qualifier shall choose whether to bat or bowl first.

The winner of the Final shall be determined as follows:

(1)               Outright Victory

(2)               Outright Tie – the championship shall be shared

(3)               Draw – the top qualifier shall be declared the winner

(4)              Abandoned –  the championship shall be shared



The teams shall be declared prior to the start of play. There shall be NO replacement players for the second day.