Umpires Cup Laws (50 overs)

Umpires Cup (50 overs)

ONE DAY RULES as set down in the New Zealand Cricket ( Inc) Rules and 2016-17 Playing Conditions, except as advised below


12:00 pm to 3:15 pm and 3:45 to 7:00 pm (3 hours and 15 minutes per 50 over innings)

Should the team bowling first to complete the required number of overs within the time limit they shall continue to bowl their remaining overs, but be limited to the number of overs they had bowled at the completion of the 3 hours 15 minutes.

For Example: Team A bowling first has completed 48 overs at 3:15 pm. Umpire(s) note the number of completed overs and Team B continues to bat out its 50 overs. Team A are now required to bat for the number of overs completed at 3:15 i.e 48 overs- no reduction in total runs required.

If the team bowling second, fails to bowl their allocated overs in the time available, the batting side will be awarded 6 runs for every whole over that has not been bowled and the remaining overs will still be bowled. Over rate penalties shall apply to innings of 20 overs or more duration.


Kookaburra Club Match White balls shall be used in all games.  In the event that the condition of a white ball deteriorates significantly and there are no adequate old/used white balls, the umpire(s) may request that a red ball be used.

NB:  The intention is to prevent teams needlessly wasting their supply of white balls.

If play is delayed by weather, light or ground conditions, the time remaining is to be divided equally between the teams with 10 minutes between innings. In this instance the team batting first shall not bat beyond 5:30 pm. (To achieve a minimum of 40 overs thus constituting a match, the team batting first must start its innings no later than 4:00 pm)


This will be used in all matches where available.  If not available the following formula will be used:

REDUCTION OF OVERS – Interrupted Games

(i)         A result is achieved if twenty (20) overs have been bowled by each team or a team is dismissed or a result is achieved within 20 overs.

(ii)        If the team batting second has not had the opportunity to complete the agreed number of overs and has neither been all out or passed the opposition score, the result shall be decided as follows:

(1)   The Base Run Rate ( Run Rate A) for the team batting first shall be determined by dividing the Total Runs Scored by the number of overs * available to the batting side.

(2)   The Overs Lost ( Total L) is calculated by subtracting the overs available to the team batting second from the total overs available to the team batting first.

(3)   For each Over Lost ( Total L), the Base Run Rate is increased by 1% and the Target Score is calculated as follows:

Target Score  =  Run Rate A x ( 100 + Total L) x Overs available to second team/100

=  A x ( 100 + L) x OVERS


*if the team batting first is all out then the total overs are the maximum available


The Tie will apply regardless in round robin play, except in semi-finals where the following criteria will be used to determine a winner:

(1) The team with the highest run rate wins

(2) The team with the highest scoring rate in the first 20 overs

(3) The team with the loss of the least wickets wins

(4) The highest qualifier.

In the FINAL the tie will apply and the trophy shared regardless of run rates/wickets lost.



Two full rounds of games.  The top placed team qualifies straight to the final.  There will be one knockout semi-final between the second and third placed teams.  The winner to meet the top qualifier in the final.

In the event of two or more teams finishing the round robin on the same number of points, the following criteria shall be used to determine the finishing order.

(1) The team with the best net run rate

(2)  The winner of the game(s) between the two teams

(3)  The toss of a coin


Win                             4  points

Tie                               2 points

No result                    2 points

Loss by default         -4 points

Loss                             0

Bonus Point               1  (80% of overs to get the required runs and/or take all 10 wickets in 80% of the runs required)