Secondary School Honours

The below Honours Boards celebrate achievement at the Secondary School level. Scores of 50 or more, and 5 wicket hauls or better can be submitted for entry on the Honours Board.

Secondary Schools Honours Board – 100s

 M Steventon103  Wairarapa College Gold Combined Secondary Girls 18/3/2017
 C Burling100  Rathkeale Year 9 Wairarapa College Year 9 23/11/2016
 R McLeod103*  Rathkeale Year 9 Wairarapa College Year 9 23/11/2016
 B Griffith131  Wairarapa College 1st XI Dannevirke High 1st XI 6/11/2016


Secondary Schools Honours Board – Bowling

 S Silvester5/24  Wairarapa College Blue Rathkeale Green 4/3/2017
 E Bargh5/37  Wairarapa College 1st XI Rongotai College 1st XI 1/3/2017
 J Quinn5/6 Rathkeale Year 9 BoysWairarapa College Year 9 Boys 23/11/2016
 M Hignett5/8  Wairarapa College GoldWairarapa College Bue 12/11/2016 
 T Wilkinson5/15  Kuranui College Juniors Wairarapa College Blue 5/11/2016


Secondary Schools Honours Board – 50s

 O Bunny 51  Wairarapa College 1st XIDannevirke High 1st XI 25/3/2017
 G Evans 55  Wairarapa College 2nd XIKuranui 1st XI 18/3/2017
 S Silvester 71 Wairarapa College Blue Combined Secondary Girls 18/3/2017
 J Jonas 54 Rathkeale Green Wairarapa College Gold18/3/2017
 C Anstis51 Wairarapa College Colts Wanganui High Colts 16/3/2017
 S Silvester81*  Wairarapa College Junior T20 Kuranui College Junior T20 9/3/2017
 I Noble56 Rathkeale ColtsWairarapa College 2nd XI 4/3/2017
 B Dalzell53 Rathkeale 2nd XIKuranui 1st XI 4/3/2017
 M Regnault63  Kuranui 1st XIRathkeale 2nd XI 4/3/2017
 S Silvester 86* Wairarapa College BlueRathkeale Green 4/3/2017
 J Young 50 Wairarapa College 1st XIRongotai College 1st XI 1/3/2017
 F Dickson58  Wairarapa College 1st XIRongotai College 1st XI 1/3/2017
 M Steventon 65 Wairarapa College Blue Wairarapa College Gold 25/2/2017
 W Matthews 68 Rathkeale Red Wairarapa College Blue 11/2/2017
 H McKay70  Rathkeale 2nd XIWairarapa College 2nd XI 11/2/2017
 R McKee81  Rathkeale 2nd XIWairarapa College 2nd XI 11/2/2017
 E Childs57 Rathkeale 1st XIWanganui Collegiate 1st XI5/2/2017
 S Sprowson56 Rathkeale 1st XIMarlborough Boys 1st XI  26/1/2017
 C Coley 82*  Wairarapa College 1st XI West Moreton College 1st XI 15/1/2017
 J Young66 Wairarapa College Colts West Moreton College Colts 15/1/2017
 J Young70 Wairarapa College ColtsParaparaumu College Colts 5/12/2016
 A Greenlees55  Combined Secondary Girls Wairarapa College Gold 26/11/2016
 J Nelson71*  Wairarapa College ColtsKapiti College Colts 25/11/2016
 J Young92  Wairarapa College Gold Wairarapa College Blue 12/11/2016
 H Wakeling91 Wairarapa College 1st XIDannevirke High 1st XI 6/11/2016
 G Wakeling75  Wairarapa College 1st XIKapiti College 1st XI 7/10/2016
 M Brewster74  Wairarapa College 1st XIKapiti College 1st XI 7/10/2016