The Silk Road Challenge

Welcome, Team, to Challenge number four for 2020. Moving around NZ and Canada has seen us clock-up 26,000 virtual kilometres. Circumnavigating the globe is approximately 40,000 kms, so, to get us close, we’re now doing the Silk Road route, around 13,000 km. This should take us close to Christmas, and we can all celebrate, have a drink and be festive (or not, depending on your religious or mental persuasion).

It is highly unlikely, after many failed efforts, that there will be a travelogue accompanying this. However, I will update distance covered on a weekly basis and provide updates.

We start in Beijing, at Tiananmen Square and will finish off at the Hagia Sophia in Turkey. We’ll be cycling our way through China, Mongolia, lots of Stans, Armenia, Iran and 90% of Turkey. 

A google map will be below as well as a range of Personal Challenges to choose from.



Our Progress