Following last weeks report please read on for how the day went.

Jesse and Sam’s first stop was Makoura College,  which was the main reason for Jesse’s visit, and that was to try and re-ignite cricket at Makoura, where a cricket team hasn’t been entered for about the last 5 years.   Students asked Jesse some honest questions and just the sort of questions, Sammy Curtis, Wairarapa Development Officer was hoping they would ask.  Question like, why aren’t there many Maori/Polynesians playing?  It was quickly pointed out to the students that our very own, Ross Taylor, is Samoan and that this was a perception that needed to be changed.   Students also learnt that there are also many different forms of the game, which the Wairarapa Cricket Association is wanting to offer to all who want to play cricket.

Jesse's first stop, Makoura College

Probably one of Jesse’s most difficult questions was “Hey mister, can I have your cap?” , to which the answer was “No, sorry”

Once other schools heard Jesse was coming to town, they snapped up the chance for him to visit, and so Jesse and Sam headed off to Chanel College, another school where Sammy is promoting the game hoping to increase playing numbers and inform the students of what will be happening in cricket over the next 6-9 months.

Olivia Samuel of Chanel College enjoys meeting Jesse Ryder






The boys then went on to St. Matthews Collegiate.  Like Makoura College and Chanel, the kind of questions asked were, “How many hundreds have you scored for the Black Caps? What’s your highest score? Who is the fastest bowler you have ever faced?

Jesse Ryder with St. Matthews Collegiate cricketers, Hinerau Te Tau-Mita, Becca Perry, and Kelsey Linton





Jesse Ryder with Maddie Mills and Finola O'Boyle, St Matthews Collegiate Intermediate cricketers














Fortunately for this years recipient of the Bradbury Cup, Primary School Player of the year, Ethan Childs,   had a work experience day and so was able to be with Jesse for all of these visits.  No doubt Ethan got plenty of tips from Jesse!

Ethan Childs with Jesse Ryder

The Wairarapa Cricket Association along with Sammy thank Jesse for taking time out of his busy schedule to help promote the game that we all love!  All the best Jesse with the big boxing match which takes place next Thursday, 5th July at Sky City Auckland.


PS Jesse, we hope it won’t be too long before we see you playing for the Black Caps