Tour of Europe 2021

Welcome to the year 2021! This crazy idea commenced in March of 2020 (remember when Lockdown set in) Just over 40,000 virtual kms finished in just over 9 months, from a variety of cycling, running, walking, work-outs, swimming and rowing. For some, 9 months may have been too many (for others that originally started with us, one month was too many) and there is no compulsion on anyone to continue. However, I’m on my way, feel free to join me and see where 2021 takes us (virtually and in reality).

2021 is all about Europe – a variety of linking trails will see us circumnavigate the continent, covering a minimum of 30,000 kms (and potentially much more) which will take the majority of this year, through wind, rain and sun (snow? hail? well, hail to some people).

We commence with Eastern Europe, on the border of Turkey and Bulgaria and work our way to the top of Scandinavia. I will post a variety of the maps we will follow on here and as always track our progress using both a new spreadsheet and new google map.

Personal challenges will be found, but may take a little bit of time – I’ll post them as soon as I can.



Eurovelo 13 – The Iron Curtain Trail

Our Progress

Personal Challenges