Drawn 16/12/13


1st   Romantic Getaway                     Angela Ashby
2nd Canon Power Shot Camera     Mary Anderson
3rd Signed Wellington Lions Shirt  Lauren Tonkin
4th All Blacks Jersey (Adult)            Jeremy
5th Signed Georgian Rugby Shirt  Andrea Hale
6th New World Gift Basket               Tony
7th All Blacks Jersey (childs)          Jane Fibbes
8th All Blacks Jersey (childs)          Pam O’Neil
9th Holden T-Shirts (two)                 J Dew
10th $ 30 Vault Voucher                  Brian Wyeth

The Team wish to thank all of the sponsors of prizes for the raffle – Copthorne Solway Park /  The Grill, Newbolds Masterton, Carterton New World, The Vault and The Rossiter-Stead family.