Wairarapa Cricket are developing a District-wide, system-based approach to the coach experience for our participants. This is fully aligned to the Smash Play approach to skill acquisition and adaptability as established at the New Zealand Cricket level.

From September 2021 to July 2023, Wairarapa Cricket Association GM Simon Roseingrave was seconded to NZ Cricket as the Strengthen and Adapt Junior and Youth lead, with this role being formative in the development of the Smash Play Way. 

A modern approach to establishing cricket technique and adaptations through a game play approach, Wairarapa Cricket are in a unique position to share insights gained from a range of international-leading expertise and apply these through a mirrored approach to coach education and support.

More information will be forthcoming as the system and strategy takes shape, however the approach will be focussed on enhanced coach understanding and support via Skill Acquisition workshops, Smash Play coach evenings and on the ground coach development support offered through Wairarapa Cricket’s coach development lead Nathan Elliott.