A Strategic priority for the Wairarapa Cricket Association is the development of a fully formed framework for coaching and coach education that provides access to quality experiences for participants. For the 2021/22 season, this framework will align with all of the following:

  • The National Coaching Strategy developed by New Zealand Cricket, and incorporate the ‘Welfare of Children and Vulnerable Adults Policy’ which sets out NZC’s commitment to providing a safe, positive and fun environment for children who play cricket.
  • The Sport NZ Coach Developer system.
  • The Principles of the Wairarapa Coaching Hub.

Through all of this the WCA will work to ensure that coaches are supported and connected, with a system of communication and mentoring available across the game. 

Coach Registration 2021/22

If you are coaching within the Wairarapa for the 2021/22 season you will need to be registered, have completed the online Vulnerable Persons modules and police vetted.

To enable all of this to happen, please follow the below registration link (if you are not already registered) and complete the requisite details. Through this link you will be able to access the online modules, whilst your registration generates the first part of the police vetting process. WCA operations staff will be in touch to view and obtain ID details to complete the process.


For more information from our National Body, feel free to visit the New Zealand Cricket Coaches Corner.

Wairarapa Coaching Hub

The Wairarapa Cricket Association aligns with the principles and outcomes of the Wairarapa Coaching Hub. The following information outlines the direction and practices to “Inspire Growth in Sport through Coaching”. 

Physical Literacy

Physical literacy is “the motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge and understanding required by participants that allows them to value and take responsibility for engaging in physical activity and sport for life.”

Sport NZ’s Physical Literacy Approach is relevant across all ages, recognising and responding to the needs of a participant as they change throughout life. Babies, children, young people, adults and seniors can all be participating in physical activity and sport in a variety of ways and in a variety of places.

Wairarapa Cricket works to ensure that quality programmes and services are delivered by trained providers who have a full understanding of how to support physical activity and sport opportunities. This will ensure that coaches are training to have a shared understanding of this holistic needs approach and consider how it can add value to the physical activity and sport opportunities provided.

Our joint aim with the Wairarapa Coaching Hub, through the partnership approach, is to build an effective framework that enables the development of the following;

  • A Community sport system that is participant-focused, system-led, with clear development pathways with policies

Sport Coach Developers

Inherent within the NZ Cricket and Wairarapa Coaching Hub strategies is the use of a coach developer approach. These positions are trained to develop, support and challenge coaches to go on honing and improving their knowledge and skills to provide positive and effective sport experiences for all participants” Coach Developers can play a crucial role not just in the initial formal training of coaches but also in the way coaches are developed. WCA Operations staff are actively involved with Coach Developer Education, attending relevant courses provided by both NZC and locally through Sport Wellington. The Ambassador for the Coaching Hub, Barry Hislop, also provides designed mentoring and support to these WCA staff.


Coach Supportive Environments

The WCA are keen to build a positive image of the coach and the role they play in the delivery of our sport in our region. Coach-net partnerships will be built providing the ‘voice for coaches’ that ensures quality education and training continues to be delivered and supported.  

For the 2019/20 season this will concentrate in the representative and development space with additional education and sharing opportunities provided.

Coaching Courses

For the 2021/22 season the Wairarapa Cricket Association will provide the following opportunities for coaches at all levels:

Foundation Course – for all Friday evening coaches, who have not previously obtained a coaching qualification. Courses will be run via Masterton-based and South Wairarapa-based hubs. Dates and times TBC.

Advanced Foundation Course – for all Saturday morning hardball coaches, who have not previously obtained a coaching qualification. Courses will be run via Masterton-based and South Wairarapa-based hubs. Dates and times TBC.

Athlete Preparation / Injury Prevention

Preventing injuries – Coaches

Preventing injuries is a key part of player safety and encouraging enjoyment of the sport.

The following are some tips for preventing injuries during practices and games:
• Plan a proper warm up before all practices as well as games.
• Check all players have water to keep hydrated during the session or game.
• Ensure everyone has the protective equipment they need (eg mouth guards, shin pads).
• Check for players with previous injuries.
• Make sure any fitness drills and skills training are appropriate for the players’ age and stage so they’re not being asked to do things that could cause an injury.
• Make sure players cool down and stretch afterwards to avoid cramp and muscle injuries.

Consider what needs to be in place if a player gets injured:
• Have a first aid kit on hand and check it’s fully stocked.
• Have the contact details for players’ parents.
• Check if any parents have first aid certificates and are available to attend practices and/ or games.
• Make sure you have this injury treatment and referral guide on hand.


What to do if a player gets injured
• Check the player can safely be removed from the game. If you are concerned they have a major injury, call for medical assistance or an ambulance.
• Move them to sideline and do a quick assessment of the injury.
• Follow the injury treatment and referral guideline in your first aid kit for information on:
o immediate treatment – what to do straight away
o where to refer the person to – for further advice or treatment.
• Details from the outline are in the chart below.